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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 11, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PST

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tonight. we are going to have a serious discussion on whether we have changed what we're all about. . that's when i found out about the publicly nudity laws, yeah. hello, everyone, i'm greg, along with kimberly, greg and dana, the five. yesterday president obama was on face the nation, one of these web shows i believe. i hope he tells us what keeps him going every day. >> what keeps me going every day is to see how resilient the american people are, how hard they work. nothing i go through compares to a guy who's lost his job or lost
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his home or lost his retirement savings or trying to figure out how to send his kid to college. don't worry about the fact that we're overworked or we're getting picked on. yeah, that's aller relevant. >> how sweet of him. our president is impressed by the amount of pain our country can take. however i'm speaking, shouldn't he be les wowed by our suffering and -- president obama's come minute nature tricks of his -- safe worth sadly the more, yep, we take a licking and keep on ticking, but we're not a time mention. in fact hiss time and our patience ran out on tud. hasn't he learned a lesson that it's just better to learn how to built a better mouse trap. >> it's not justify to just build a better mouse trap. people don't automatically go
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beating to your door. we have got to sell it, we have got to reach out to the other side, and where possible persuade and i think there are times when no doubt about it, yeah i i think we have not been successful in going out there and letting people know what it is we're trying to do and why this is the right direction. >> see, there's the problem, it's never his bad ideas, it's the communicators at fault. they just didn't sell it right. it's not i'd yomg. it's pr. i guess you could say that about crystal pepsi or shingles. come on mr. president, it's not a lesson for you to blame others. >> if you can't get it done before the end of the year, i'm going to have to take the steps that i can to improve the system. i'm going to do what i can do through executive action. >> great.
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here's a blatantly political act that will hurt our poor, he now must compete with the world's poor, in an already slow job market. >> i think stretched strategically, what he's doing is, he's saying i'm going to go ahead and do this, and if you don't do it, then you're koch midsing. isn't that genius? no one's going to be for the executive action. >> and you had me at the florida's more. this is sad because he sounds we're just complaining, that we didn't get it. it wasn't sold well enough, because if it was we would understand and this lab borous act that he has to go through to try to convince us is wearing him out and that's why they lost the election. it's been totally consistent with the fact that hi wants to
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go ahead with executive action. >> isn't he basically working from a position that he has nothing to lose? so he says he's going to sign over, what, $4 million, $5 million, and you senate bring me something that i like and if i like it, i'll sign it into law. i find it interesting when he keeps saying, i'm going to do what i have to do, or what i can do. it's almost like in a game, where both sides are kind of feeling each other out. then you have ted cruz and senator mike lee stay saying, you know what? let's talk about the attorney general lynch, if she's in favor of president obama using the executive order, maybe we're going to hold up for the confirmati confirmation. so this cat and mouse game, see if there's any ducking, they're going back and forth, the question is, will he throw the punch? will he sign an executive order
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and knowing that the majority of the american people don't want him to, they may want -- big question. >> what do you think? >> i think he may have to throw that punch because he already had a red sign he didn't hold up to. now he has said many times in many different places, including those in private. then on face the nation this week, it should have been called face the music last weekend. there should have been about five different reactions from the white house, both on the reported and off the record. it seems like they're flailing, i can understand that they were shocked, i can't believe they weren't better prepared. there was one story that the president said he didn't care, he wasn't even going to watch. the next day, on background, aides said, well, don't be fooled, we're not going to go with anybody.
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who cares, the democrats have already lost for me anyway, i do think it's tiresome to always blame the communications people and the press office. it may have a fact problem at the white house. they do not have a pr problem. >> do you agree, though, if they only explained it better, it would have been more successful? >> what? >> whatever they were trying to explain. >> look, i think on this executive order, by the way, you better duck, because the punch is coming. >> you're not on a duck, lean into it. >> look at you, a boxing pro over there, dana parino. no, i think most of the american people want something done and i'm amazed you guys, how come you don't notice that the united states senate and people like marco rubio and orren hatch, all signed on to a bipartisan
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immigration reform bill, all stuck in the house because boehner couldn't get the tea party to come off. the president's giving these people all the time in the world. what about solving a very important problem. >> what i find interesting is that the democrats should actually be against like uncontrolled immigration, because that creates more economic inequality, correct? it hurts the poor more than anything. that's why i said, you've got to deal with the american poor first. >> but you forget one thing. it's not about inequality, it's when they finally get the vote, they're going to vote democratic. and that's what they're relying on. >> i do think there has been a communication problems and you love facts. >> i do. >> that's why you have your opinions about global warming, because they are based on facts. i don't have them with me, but john deary wrote a book on poor people with poor incomes.
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there is a case to be made based on facts that it does overall help the economy and people of lower incomes. i'm not -- i don't have with it me right now, but i will get it for you. just so that everybody can make their own decisions. that's what the white house has to tredefine. they have to be able to use facts. >> how convenient that you don't have the facts with you, dana. >> i didn't beat her up, she's a boxing pro. >> i can tell, the idea that you have to fix your nation's poor before you can fix the world's poor, so you can't bring in, you can't import poverty until you solve the poverty in your own country. >> why shouldn't it be part of it? >> let's start looking at the facts, we have got these folks already here, often times working in low end jobs, and
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especially in terms of the farming industry and stuff like that. and so you can't throw them out, i don't know you how you're going to do that. but you have to bring them into the global structure. >> there are a lot of republicans, there are a lot of libertarians, make it legal immigration, allow bigger and more robust immigration. it's faster and easier to sign off on, you know a group of people to allow them to stay, rather than putting all whatever, $12 million to $15 million. >> don't you think that it's important that we somehow resolve this issue, instead of just resisting it. we have said it here, i have said it on cashing in, make it legal immigration, triple or quadruple the real immigration
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system. >> what are you going to do with them when they get here? >> put u them in line with everybody else. >> how do you think people feel that are going about this in the legal process think wanted to be barlt of it. i understand all sides of it, i really do. you can't just say okay, and let them cut the line, there has to be a process to it. there has to be due process so that everybody is treated failure. >> i think under the proposals already considered, people would have to object, pay fines and get to the back of the line. >> refrain this argument so they don't come up as the bad u guy. >> that's a great question. the truth is, look at how president obama, after even having lost last tuesday, we're now talking about the issues he wants to talk about as if immigration is the biggest problem facing america today, and i think it is not. i think it is our tax structure that's hurting us, it's our energy policy.
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they have to allow the president to decide if he's going to do this immigration piece, what he likes is that it splits the republicans. a way to say what is the most important issue, and it's jobs. immigration is a part of that, but overall they need to keep stepping back and not allowing the president to frame this as the only problem in america. >> civil war inside the republican -- >> i don't like war, no. >> i'm saying, that's what i rick was talking about earlier, but you say republicans, we don't want to negotiate with obama on anything. >> it hasn't been in the past year, but mainly in the last year, you have republicans from all under the big ten, from every corner of the big ten working together to get republicans to -- i think that the president would be smarter to the republicans, fine, i said you should win elections, you
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did. i'll give you until march 1 to try to pass something. and if you don't, then i'll do -- >> in 2013, when the senate passed the bipartisan immigration reform bill -- >> there was nothing safe for obama to do the executive order before the end of the year. >> it's no price for him at this point. >> i. >> there was a meeting with a bipartisan meeting with the president and the vice president. what's trickled out of that meeting is very important. where boehner said, we'll get something to you mr. president, don't just so sign some blanket amnesty. bide on actually said, how long will it take to boehner, and president obama told him to shut up. >> don't forget, they had all this time from 2013 new mexico now, right, plus guess what, bh boehner said, we don't like the
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comprehensive plan, we'll do it peace meal, but eric, have they done anything. >> let's bring kimberly in here. what should the republican do? how should say dale with obama's -- >> i would love to see the president show incredible maturity and political dexter y dexterity. give them a little something, give them something that's actually going to make you look good so in fact you don't poison the well, and when you want something, then there is the picturery of comp misds that should step in. and joe biden, who knows, hillary clinton is not looking so good. tell the president to let you finish your sentence and don't let him cut you off. >> has that ever happened here? >> coming back, two sounds on two different presidents. next on the five.
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president obama initially said that air strikes alone would be enough to fight isis in iraq. so why is he now doubling the number of troops in the country. >> what it signals is a new face. >> should we expect that more troops may be needed before this is over? >> as commander in chief, i'm never going to say never. >> president george w. bush also took a trip to the sunday morning shows appearing on cbs this weekend, he was there to promote his new book, 41, a portrait of my father and he was about the iraq war and the consequence rise of isis. >> do you ever have any regret, that maybe it was the wrong decision? >> i always thought it was the right decision. this is now al qaeda plus. >> isis, greg, was a story that
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basically took to the back pages, while we went through the election here. but at this point, we are still at war and it seems to be escala escalating. >> there has to be an understanding of what role the military is, and there is often a necessity to wage war, because in a way, the military is the ultimate safety net, the willingness to kill allows a free country to live and you cannot retreat, especiallily when you are the greatest country that ever was and ever will be, there's a tradeoff, if you leave, that means things get worse. if you are part of the axis of evil, part of the responsibility of being the best is that you have to control the west. you have to realize that war is a necessary evil, that becomes a necessary good when you're fighting evil. we did not plan that transition, but it was a very good setup for
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a sound bite of condoleezza rice that aired last night on fox news. >> what we're seeing is that when the united states steps back and speaks softly, nobody listens. americans also don't like the world we get when the united states is not deeply engaged and deeply involved. just imagine if we kept those forces there, we probably would have been able to train the iraqis better in counter terrorism, we certainly would have had better eyes and ears on the ground to see the rice of isis. >> kimberly is cheering over that sound bite. >> i love thought and focus and strength and determination. so far, who have we seen like this? nobody in the white house, if we had less troops there, and senator mccain agreed with her this more, we would have had better eyes and ears on the ground, we would have been able to foretell exactly what was going on, instead of leaving this vacuum that isis step in the to fill. is it unfortunate?
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do i think that we can make it back from this? yes, and that's why the president has gone back on his words and put more troops on the ground. everybody's playing along so well today. i want to turn to policy support that the president could get, but also the politics of this with eric and juan. on friday, after the luncheon, it was announceda the president was sending 1,500 more troops to iraq in order to try to help on the ground. david ignacias last week, a sichbd indicated columnist, a well known, well respected. president obama looked almost relieved after tuesday's election blowout. a man who has been perhaps the legal political president in modern u.s. history doesn't have to worry about elections anymore, but one, if that were true, whilen't they wait until
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friday until 4:00 in the afternoon to announce something that would have been obviously an important thing for americans to corps when they went to the polls on tuesday. isn't that being exceedingly political? >> i don't think it registers in my mind, one, i think it was the pentagon that came to them with their proposal, and i don't think it was being as politically advantageous to -- it looks like they're going to have to put more boots on the ground to get this deal done, so the fact that he had been holding back, there was pressure coming from the right to say go ahead and do it, mr. president, and he was saying no, and politically, most americans are praying that we're going to get into another war. over the weekend i heard this phrase come out, this has the smell of vietnam to it. if that's the case, then the american people say, no, we don't want that. >> i think that comparison is not accurate. but it's a good transmission to -- >> timeline? >> okay. >> president obama said no more
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american troops on the ground, unequivocal, no more american troops on the ground. the election occurs, within days he's talking about sending over 1,500 advisors. >> it's not working. >> stop, we have said this before. >> stop? stop? >> it's not working because we're not using -- we're not doing enough, we had ten times the firepower in desert storm win and 2 than we're using in isis. in my opinion, step it up and make it work. the problem is when president obama said and he reiterated in that sound bite. never going to say never, but you did say never, and isis was emboldens. this is my point -- >> we have to tease initial, next some interesting 2016 buzz over the weekend, about jeb,
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rand, hillary and others. we have got that straight ahead. o hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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pinically, if he wants me besides the scenes, i'll be behind the scenes, i'm all in for him.
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he would be a great president and the country could use an optimistic view like his. >> i know that he's wrestle with the decision. >> if he had to mike an estimate right now, what do you think is going to happen? >> i think it's 50/50. >> i think remarkably candid answers from the former president today, not about the possibility, i mean certainly this is the most we have heard. >> there's a new book that's coming out about their father. it comes out tomorrow and it's the first one that a former president, the son of a president has written about hiss dad and you're going to hear a lot more about it this week. i love the answer, 50/50, because i think that's true, it is not george w. bush's decision, you can't be pushed into it by any supporters or by your family. that is a very personal decision that you make with your wife or your husband ux whoever that might b.
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>> the 340er, i hear that, but i heard the mother, of course i heard that directly from mr. bush i'm the last person to have the democrats sitting there, goodness gracious, he's the possibility. it's leader in florida, and she's come bag to immigration reform, the hispanic community would say this is a guy who understands what it means to want to work to improve your family. >> you think he could make it in the general election. >> i think he would win for republicans in the general election. >> the big charter school guy. >> all right, what do you think? >> i agree with that. that's the problem that's going on in the republican party right now, you have one group that
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won't let him -- may not let him win a primary, but if he were to get through a primary, he would have a very good chance of beating hillary clinton or joe biden. >> at what point do you further on to a country by putting in another obama or hillary clinton, does it matter that much to destroy hope for america to make a point? or how about winning and moving the country forward? that's the kind of problem i have with that kichtd of i'd yomg. . >> a little house cleaning, when somebody says it's 50/50, all decisions are 50/50, yes or no, it's about 50/50. >> it's a great answer. >> it's not a great answer, dana. can you win? i worry about jeb bush because he's a bush, and i like to sea some fresh new faces, i want to see a forceful, eloquent speaker who finally scares our enemies.
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i want to see if this person is elected and win, putin says, oh, man, we have a problem. we can bring him back i know -- last time you had clint eastwood on the stage at the republican convention, how did thatwork out for you. he pointed to that -- >> ask mitt romney if he would bring old dirty harry back again. >> i would die to have him. >> even president obama wants mitt romney to be president. >> why did you socievote for me? i'm terrible. >> biden's like, oh, my gosh. >> there is obviously there's the team, because if you look at the past presidents, you would have bush clinton bush obama clinton. does that sound better? i actually don't think that any of those we're talking about right now are ultimately going
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to be the two people that are running. in in 2006, during the regular political cycle, it was supposed to be rudy giuliani. and hillary clinton. >> some politicians changed their name to julio shas. >> is that for real? i'm out of here. >> coming up next, in the fastest seven, they led a big tonight's show return plus country legend garth brooks
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welcome back, time for three rousing stories, seven minutes. kurt warner, the super bowl mvp quarterback turned network analyst had a tough sunday during a segment on the evolution of bender roethlisberger, warner who everybody knows is a devout christian disagrees with theories of evolution. >> i'm not fully buying the evolutionary theory, but if we're talking about the idea that every specieses has the ability to adapt over time, then i'm all in. as a matter of fact, i have actually seen this happen in a group i have been studying for years, nfl quarterbacks. >> even though warner is probably having fun with the host, the social media world went into a frenzy. stick with football and not some crazy religious agenda. and from scott, dude, so dumb,
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you don't know anything about evolution. he was talking about evolution of ben roethlisberger, running from big bullies. >> i don't think he was trying to be serious, the problem is with kurt warner is that he makes a great dealal about his faith. i happen to be a christian too. but even what he was talking about wasn't accurate with regard to what was -- >> he would like to tell us. >> he actually said -- he said he was all in, that meant he's in to evolution, because he talks about adaptation over times, so he's actually contradicting himself. you're both wrong, those are both wrong, the earth was started by a race of unicorns, they came from the middle earth impregnated other human beings and the rest is history. >> i can't see why anybody would
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get -- >> on sunday afternoon, i got more important things to be mad about. >> no more stories based on angry fweets. when somebody says something, and it's based on four tweets, that is not a story. >> they can actually hear you, craig. >> these are not real stories. >> your e-mail unicorns, it's fine, you're good. >> i think you didn't say it the right way, i don't think it came out right, i was trying to make a point and it got jumble. >> right, stay right there, k.g. does everybody know he was back on the tonight show on friday, jimmy fallon seemed a little bit nervous, but it was a funny exchange when fallon asked how achl i doing? >> boy, it's that crisp autumn new york weather. you get out there, you get nit your lungs and you really feel invigorated.
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i think it's a great show. i'm just loyal to my network. that's cool, it's fun. >> you have reason to be loyal. >> he's amazing, i wish he was back. i love him, i have always been a fan. jimmy's fine, but i have always been a fan of leno and jimmy kimmel. >> finally jay leno's face has grown into his chin. it all makes sense now. that's great advice to fallon about, never buy an old car independence you can fix it, and i learned that the hard way. >> good, bad, others? >> i like it. >> yes, i like it. >> i like dana, what's going on with you over there?
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>> sometimeless i don't know what's going on. >> i was taken by gregory's comment about the man's face. >> yeah. >> oh, my god. >> it has grown, hasn't it? >> maybe it's the 45ir. he's got a great head of hair. >> what do you have to say about celine dion? >> i don't know. >> i won't mention it. i won't mention the unicorn or anything horse like. >> this is getting weird, move on. >> garth brooks back after a 13-year absence from touring, and he performed this week, and at one point, a fan held up a handwritten sign, chemo treatment this morning, garth tonight. >> god just stuck his hand out.
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you have everybody drinking there and you go [ bleep ]. >> well, garth rooks lost hiss mom and his sister to can sir. good guy. >> actually i was telling a fun fact on to the commercial break, that i actually saw garth brooks perform for free, and i remember thinking he could be a really big star someday. he took himself out of the touring scene for a while. >> way to make this all about you, here's this woman with cancer, oh, i know who's going to be a big star. you make me sick to my stomach. >> i make me sick to my stomach too. >> i like garth brooks but he's no chris gains. >> i have no idea who is chris gains. >> google it, just google it. >> he's a great guy and the
1:44 am
people love him and for a reason, incredible performer, i'm sure all the fans are super happy that he's back touring, i'm glad he took a break. basically diagnosed herself, she's going to beat it. >> that is the kind of answer that greg was looking for. >> he saw that poster on the jumbotron, he had his people bring her right up to the front and he had the whole stadium serenading her there. >> he's a huge star, he didn't have to do. you see so often in those situations, they just turn away, it's another fan bothering me. >> i saw something like that on the nfl this week, where somebody's daughter had cancer surgery, and all of a sudden, you hear other players start talking together. that's a better image. garth brooks, i'm not a big
1:45 am
country music guy. >> why? >> i don't know, i don't know. >> you need to talk about the merits of country music? >> that's why i come to the big city once in a while, to see my friends, my city cuss sevens. >> i remember a couple of great -- >> a quarter rode the mechanical bull. >> you went to a place called raw? what kind of place was it?
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democrats lost big in the midterms last week, and are now hearing it, not only from eñ from some of their loudest liberals. >> our party has a problem, the electoral success we had when our presidential nominee is -- durability translate in other elections. >> where the hell is the
1:50 am
democratic party. >> it was a simple message for a simple country, screw obama. and it worked because none of the democrats came out for obama. democrats suck, they really do. >> i would like to tell him, i don't really think it was all that bad. it wasn't a shellacking as many are calling it. the real message to take home from the election is that so many people are turned off by the current state of politics' dysfunction in washington. those that did vote republican, said they were voting germs the status quo. i think people are just angry at politics right now, they can't stand it. nothing gets done. >> i think they just didn't like your team. >> i don't care if they don't like one team or another. >> or well, guess what? i don't like the way government's run in washington either, i don't like the loaded bureaucracy, i don't like doubling the dead. i don't like any of it. i don't like live and cover-up
1:51 am
like fast and furious like obama care. i don't like any of it. but i'm just one vote. >> i think there's a lot of voters who have that feeling. >> remember one of the things we have talked about here is i'm sorry to say this, the wasification of america, where there is no winners and no losers, saying that people are just angry at politics is just the grown up version of there's no one that gets a blue ribbon at field day anymore. republicans now have -- they won in governor's races, they won in the house, they increased their majority, and they have 70% of the state legislature. that's a win. >> what i'm trying to say to you, you look at those exit polls and it's like 2/3 of the people. most of them are older white male voters in house and guess what they say?
1:52 am
they're either angry or dissatisfied the republicans. >>'s exactly what it is. >> which tried hope and change, it didn't work out, nothing was better than the middle class, okay that didn't work, try another thing now, and if the republicans drop the ball, go back to this. >> i think it's dissatisfaction. what you find is that americans hate politics and who is the most political, president obama is the most political animal we have ever seen. but it's -- they won the election, they didn't win the people, i would say. and that will happen in 2016, i believe. >> we'll see. in fact i wish timeless that he was better at politicians. >> are you kidding? that's part of the, he didn't sell it right. >> one more thing coming up, stay with us.
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>> time for one more thing. kim? >> thank you for calling on me, and i want to wish a very happy birthday to the united states marine corps, 239 fabulous years of service to this country. and i started my morning off very good, let me tell you. i was ordered to have a nice cake ceremony, cutting the cake there, with the marine corps, and it was such an honor, because you see there, the gentleman in the red coat, to the oldest living marine act companied by private first class 1-800-gomez, who was the youngest eng listed marine, happy birthday to you and thank you for your service. and a special shoutout to greta
1:56 am
van sustren. tahmooressi returned home to united states and she got a -- what she did to make this happen. great interview as well. >> and i also want to tell you, we were talking about this with the producers. but we also saw this, david -- rope for salon. this is what it's called, you dochbl protect my freedom, our child insisted on calling soldiers heroes, then it's real democracy and when the lives put a man in uniform, give him a gun and the men will worship him, it's a particularly child like trait of anointing -- this guy is -- shame on you for being an ungrateful slob and shame on
1:57 am
salon for sub lipublishing an - >> salon does this every year, they're basically trolling. >> they do this every single year. >> and you fall for it. >> it's time for greg's medical kit. you know, the holidays are coming and which loe love to en food, but it's all portion control. take my friend count fur ball, he's at the local olive garden. and he knows that portion control is important, so he only has one pasta noodle, he enjoys it and he keeps himself fit and trim. >> is that spaghetti? >> it was. notice he has no tomato sauce and butter. it depends on how you eat it, dana. >> i may have that for dinner. this happens, check out john stewart. >> jimmy carter is like 108, he's out in africa, pulling worms out of children's feet
1:58 am
trying t bush is at home, bring me my fruit bowl. doing a still life. >> i thought it was funny but particularly ungracious and untrue and i think that even jimmy carter would agree that it's unfair. they have done all sorts of things with the veterans, including leading the wounded warrior ride that raises a ton of money. there's also the fellowship program for women in tunisia. i could go on. but the fifth anniversary happened on this wednesday. >> let me say, i think we're out of time. >> explosive allegations about obamacare. >> that was really critical to
1:59 am
get it passed. >> those bombshell words from one of the architects of obamacare and what it means now for the president's signature healthcare law. >> families forced from their homes after a sink hole swallows a car. why is it becoming a growing problem for this neighborhood. >> his kind of party doesn't involve all of the fans. jason aldean pulling his brand new album from one place. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> an appropriate song for this
2:00 am
veteran's day. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am answ thank you for starting your tuesday with us. as we honor our veterans today there is a new push to ensure they are getting the best care possible. >> too many veterans were waiting too long for healthcare. doug luzader is in virginia with more on the plans for change. >> ainsley and heather good morning. joe biden and the president will be here to lay a wreath on the tombs of the unknowns. >> on a day when the focus is veterans one of the large ers government bureaucracies struggles to right itself. they are promising nothing short of


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